New at SLink – Culinary Mary Jane Shoe and FREEBIES! WOOHOO! :D

I’ve been sitting on these shoes in my inventory for some time now, getting them out, fiddling with them, putting them away again, etc etc etc, until I finally had some brain space this weekend to get the textures finished and the shoes coloured.  They are a cute Mary Jane, not so high that you are tottering around in them.  No broken ankles in these ones ladies!!  They are my Culinary Range and come in 27 – that’s right 27 delicioous flavours ranging from Aubergine, to Coffee, to Mint, to Tomato to Walnut.

They are $150 very cheap Lindens a pair and in light of the fact that it’s Halloween, I am GIVING AWAY the Butternut and Pumpkin Flavours as a gift until the first day of November!  They are glorious orange, and buttery yellow, a perfect pair for Trick or Treating!  Find them on the NEW wall in my store at Blissfully.

And so without further ado, I present the Mary Jane’s Culinary Collection!  First of all the free gifts!



And after the cut, you can see the rest of the flavours. 😀










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