The SLink “Belle” Skin range 1st edition

I have been a busy bee making these skins over the last few weeks. They have been a longtime work in progress. Currently only in the Very Light tone, with more skintones to be released in the future. Belle has many makeup options, named after the eyemakeup and the lip colour, and each makeup option comes with a choice of freckles or no freckles, and lipgloss or matte lips.

The body details are nice, without being pornstar anatomically correct. She has red toes, natural fingers so you can wear your perfect manicure without bright nails interfering with it, and a smattering of freckles across the shoulders, chest and back, as well as the face, if you choose the freckled option. I have both the freckled and non freckled option available in the demo.

Skins are $500L each, and they come in 3 different fat packs – Freckled, non freckled, and the Gothic eyes range, which features smeary, blurry eyemakeup in funky colours like Blood and Storm!

Here’s the full skin…


And here is a sample of the 7 different makeup options…




belle-gold-natural-no-g-no.png belle-gothic-ash-no-g-no-f.pngbelle-gothic-black-no-g-no.png


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