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New release! Cute belted pencil skirt and Ruched blouse set

I spotted a particularly stylish colleague of mine wearing this the other day in red, and it inspired me to make the set.  It’s slightly different to the original version – I’ve put my own little touches on it here and there.

It comes in 8 colours and has multiple layer options – the Skirt has 2 options, either untucked shirt, or tucked in, and the shirt has all layers, including a jacket layer that has the untucked version so you can wear it over pants.

It also includes a pair of Glitch Pants, and the sleeves are made with sculpties, and are moddable so you can adjust them to fit you perfectly!

This outfit is very cute on, and sells for $300L per colour, which includes all the pieces.

Jeans, Skin, Hair and shoes and stockings not included.





Someone broke into my blog :(

I was looking around my blog the other night when on the home page I noticed that Firefox had blocked a popup.  So I allowed it, and found myself looking at advertising.  I host my blog on my own hosting provider, so this could only mean one thing.  Someone has broken into my account and edited my code.  And that is exactly what seems to have happened, much to my irritation.  Not only that, they went through every single index file and added an advertising iframe to each one, not only in my blog, but in my digital art site, which is my husband’s code, and he was understandably very pissed.

I kind of liken it to coming home from a movie, and finding that someone has burgled your house.  It’s gut wrenching when you realise what could have happened.  This person simply decided to insert some advertising.  Granted, it was linking to xxxsomethingorother this morning, but you know, they could have done a WHOLE lot worse.  I’ve managed to clean it all up, I think.

And you know the worst part about it?  I received an email from my host at the beginning of the month to tell me that they had had reports that some of their client’s FTP passwords had been breached, and that everyone should change their admin password asap, and I forgot to.  And the vandalism happened 10 days later.  So now I’m just putting out a warning to change your passwords regularly to something complicated!  I mean, I work in the IT field and I KNOW this.  I require my customers do it, and now it’s time I started following my own advice :/

New at SLink – Culinary Mary Jane Shoe and FREEBIES! WOOHOO! :D

I’ve been sitting on these shoes in my inventory for some time now, getting them out, fiddling with them, putting them away again, etc etc etc, until I finally had some brain space this weekend to get the textures finished and the shoes coloured.  They are a cute Mary Jane, not so high that you are tottering around in them.  No broken ankles in these ones ladies!!  They are my Culinary Range and come in 27 – that’s right 27 delicioous flavours ranging from Aubergine, to Coffee, to Mint, to Tomato to Walnut.

They are $150 very cheap Lindens a pair and in light of the fact that it’s Halloween, I am GIVING AWAY the Butternut and Pumpkin Flavours as a gift until the first day of November!  They are glorious orange, and buttery yellow, a perfect pair for Trick or Treating!  Find them on the NEW wall in my store at Blissfully.

And so without further ado, I present the Mary Jane’s Culinary Collection!  First of all the free gifts!



And after the cut, you can see the rest of the flavours. 😀

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The SLink “Belle” Skin range 1st edition

I have been a busy bee making these skins over the last few weeks. They have been a longtime work in progress. Currently only in the Very Light tone, with more skintones to be released in the future. Belle has many makeup options, named after the eyemakeup and the lip colour, and each makeup option comes with a choice of freckles or no freckles, and lipgloss or matte lips.

The body details are nice, without being pornstar anatomically correct. She has red toes, natural fingers so you can wear your perfect manicure without bright nails interfering with it, and a smattering of freckles across the shoulders, chest and back, as well as the face, if you choose the freckled option. I have both the freckled and non freckled option available in the demo.

Skins are $500L each, and they come in 3 different fat packs – Freckled, non freckled, and the Gothic eyes range, which features smeary, blurry eyemakeup in funky colours like Blood and Storm!

Here’s the full skin…


And here is a sample of the 7 different makeup options…




belle-gold-natural-no-g-no.png belle-gothic-ash-no-g-no-f.pngbelle-gothic-black-no-g-no.png