I survived!

well my PC managed to survive the storm.  My power supply didn’t however so I had to get a replacement put in, which fortunately, we had lying around the house!  So with my spanky new power supply pouring the juice into my beast, I managed to finish my new shop!  I am so pleased with this place, I love every inch of it!  My friend Lordisma Shepherd built the shop for me (he makes fabulous furniture and glorious Australian style homes which I adore – go check his stuff out!! Lordie’s Outdoor Furniture at  Lordie’s Outdoor Furniture ) and once the place was built, I did all the textures including the stained glass windows which were inspired from various fashion era’s of the last 110 years 🙂

I tell you this shop is HUGE.  Far more space than my last build, and on a few less prims too, which means now, I have some nice landscaping!

Anyway, enough talking, this post is useless without pictures so…


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