New Jeans! And lots of new boots in store!

I have spent a bit of time lately reworking my black leather stilettos so they could feature more lovely colours! They have less prims now too, bonus!


(See the bottom of this post for the rest of the colours available)

I have also spent quite a lot of time handpainting these jeans because I decided I needed to get over my pants phobia and just make some!

I almost never wear skirts IRL, and yet here I am making skirts and skirts for my SL shop! So yes. Jeans. I love these to bits. They are cute and sexy at the same time. They come in 3 styles, bootcut with a long ever so slightly flared leg, a calf length which is oh-so-sexy over long boots for Winter, with little scrunchie turned up cuffs, and a style which tucks into boots. These are designed to tuck into my boots specifically because they are what I have, however, they are modifiable, so you should be able to tuck them into any boots. They come on the underwear layer for easy tucking into boots on the system layer like mine 🙂

These jeans have little handpainted details like the button, and rivets on the pockets, and stitching detail. They also have the SLink logo on a leather tag on the waistband at the back. Just like the real thing 🙂 I have left the belt off, because I want them to be a bit versatile if someone wants to wear a prim belt with them. And I like the unfussyness of the belt free look.

Something else new for me with these jeans – SCULPTIE Cuffs. Oh the wonderful sculpties. Now if only I had time in my life to sit down and learn 3d modelling for real, the things I could do with these babies!

Anyhoo, I’ve talked way too much now! Time for the JEANS!




And the boots I mentioned earlier. Some of these have a little leather texture, some of them do not! And of course, the original black is still available on my ATTIRE wall!

Clicky for a larger image…





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