Wow I never expected that!

I have been overwhelmed from the response to my little leather coat, and I would like to thank those that purchased this item from me and stopped by to have a chat, it was a pleasure to meet you!!

I didn’t expect to get such a response, if I had, I would have included more colours in the range, but I am making amends for it now, and have included 7 more great colours to the vendor on my “NEW” wall! Included in this range is a shorter skirt for the coat as well as the long skirt. This shorter skirt is around knee length and gives a bit more of a casual feel to the coat.

If you have previously purchased this coat with the long skirt, and would like the short skirt as well, please IM me with the colour of your coat, and I will send the short skirt your way!

I have also put up a fatpack, all 10 colours for $2400L – Essentially, that’s 2 for free!

And now, the colours!

Chugalicious Champagne!


Nummy Chocolate!


Fantastic Fuschia!


Gorgeous Green!


Perfect Powder-Blue!


Pretty Purple!


Tenacious Tan!


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