Whew! Finally done with my mammoth hair project!

I have spent a great deal of time lately retexturing my hairstyles (I’ve been off work with a headcold, what else am I going to do?), and creating a new style to go with the collection.  I have also reshot all the advertisements and repackaged the styles into new vendors!  That’s a heck of a lot of work for 6 styles, but it’s now done.  No time to rest on my laurels though, more hair textures and styles to be made!!  All of my styles below come with the cute frangipani pictured.  It changes colour when it’s touched!

Here we see Audrey, in all new colours.  Audrey is a sassy and smart long ponytail with a short, blunt fringe pulled into a pearl clasp at the nape of the neck.




Next up is Aurelie, a neat french twist held up with pearl-tipped pins.


aurelie-brown.png aurelie-chocolate.pngaurelie-copper.png


Featured next is Gwyn.  This is a new style for me and one I really like!  I’ve been wanting to make something like this for a long time, and I decided to just do it one day.  It came out exactly what I wanted.  Gwyn is a high ponytail with a hair wrap, and high, smoothed back bangs.




Nadia is a reworked version of an old style.  I’ve made it softer, with little wisps around the nape of the neck for a more feminine look.




Sidney is another reworked style, but it’s an absolute favourite of mine and I simply had to retexture it and re-release it with the new textures!   Sidney is straight, long and shiny with heavy, long bangs, perfect for hiding behind.  Sidney comes in only 6 colours instead of 7 because of our friendly alpha on alpha flicker with blondes 🙁




Sidney also comes in a shorter shoulder length style for something a little sportier.




Feel free to come and try on a demo in my store in Blissfully.

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