Monthly Archives: July 2007

Finally SLink has eyes!

I was hanging around last night wondering what to do while the SL grid was being a PITA, and I decided that Sidd needed new eyes. So I made 10 pairs! These are handpainted, realistic textures, realistic iris and pupil size with a glimmering highlight. The colours are beautiful shades that might exist in nature!


A new release – Halter Dress in 11 colours!

Worked all weekend on this little beauty. It comes in 11 different vibrant colours, and includes bodice, skirt, Glitch pants and modifiable Prim skirt. Handpainted details like the satin neckband and belt really show off the soft texture of the dress fabric. $180 per colour, or $1485 for all colours!


Wheeeee! I got blogged! :D

Well, my green tee did anyway 😀 So someone likes my things! /wave Amelia 😉

As did my Salome skin! Hi Rubi 🙂

The view from my new place!

I spotted this this evening when I arrived at my new location, and I thought, how nice this is!  So I decided to share it, to all my many readers :p


SLink has moved to a new location with more prims! Yay!

Unfortunatley for me, 234 prims just wasn’t enough. I have bigger ambitions than 234 prims, and so I had to move on from Lotus Island. Farewell Lotus Island, I will miss you a lot! My new store is located in Blissfully 28.8.22 and it’s the same store, with more grass, and the potential to get much bigger 🙂slinkfromtheair.jpg

A tee release!

I’ve been working hard today on updating my SLink simple black tee. What was once a simple black tee has become a fab 3/4 sleeve tee, bunched up around the middle and arms, and has 8 wonderful colours. I’m very pleased with how this has turned out. It’s on my wall for $75L each, or in a pack of all 8 colours for $450L. Comes with a bonus black tee with the SLink logo on the front.

First post in new blog! :D

I’ve spent the afternoon getting this blog online. It will change in the future, when my dearest husband gets my site finished, but for now, this is it! I’m afraid my skills in all things website-y are not as leet as his, but I am now an expert in FTP Uploading to my site! Go me!

Anyway this is me, hanging out at Sanctuary Rock, which is one of my favourite places in Second Life!



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