Slink is closing – 1-1-2023


It is with a heavy heart that I am announcing the closure of Slink, One Bad Pixel and Cinnamon&Chai in Second Life.

Second Life has been an all-consuming part of my Real Life since I first joined in 2007. I opened Slink a few weeks after I joined with a single skin, a single t-shirt and a single skirt. Slink has gone from strength to strength since with the release of my first sculptie shoes in 2009, my avatar enhancement hands and feet in 2011/12 which set the SL shoe market ablaze, and then the Physique Original body in early 2014, followed by Hourglass and mens bodies in 2015 and 2016.

I have curated and cultivated a wonderful cottage industry of my fellow Second Life creators and enjoyed a lot of support from them over the years. I’ve also really enjoyed teaching people how to create for Second Life, building in blender, weight painting, troubleshooting etc. I think my desire to assist and enable others to create is what motivated me more than my own creative endeavours.

Following two stressful years of pandemic which I am sure we have all been affected by in one way or the other, I suddenly lost my mother in September of 2021, my grandmother in January of 2022 and my cat Cleo in June. I have been unwell and enduring a lot of chronic pain. I have to be very honest, my spark has dimmed a little and I no longer have the energy to pour into this business like I once did.

I’ve done a lot of soul searching over the last 18 months and have come to the very difficult decision that for my own physical and mental wellbeing, I need to move on from Second Life. I am starting something new, and can only hope it will be half as much fun and as fulfilling as my time in Second Life has been.

For my loyal customers – thank you from the very bottom of my heart for your support over the years, for your engaging and entertaining conversations in our group chat, for your enthusiastic cheerleading for me and the work I do, for whispering in my ear when I made some oopsie, so I could sneak in and fix it! I cannot express what your support has truly meant to me, and I know these words will never be enough. I love you all, and I will miss you so very much.

For my brilliant creator community – you made what I do so much better! Thank you so much for your fabulous, innovative and gorgeous creations that made mine look so awesome. Thank you for jumping on this incredible ride with me!

I never imagined I would do this for even 5 years, let alone 15. I feel a tremendous sense of accomplishment about what I have done over the last 15 years, the impact I have had on the development of Second Life through the various Linden Lab projects I participated in, and opening my very first creators kit which let other SL residents design nailpolishes for my hands and feet. I have learned so much as a business owner, and grown so much as an artist, and I feel ready to embark on my next adventure.

The Slink Mainstore sim and Marketplace store will be closing on the 1st of January, 2023. The Slink and Slinkwest accounts will not be available for contact.

♥ Siddean ♥

A very rare sale at Slink, Cinnamon & Chai and One Bad Pixel

Between 12am, November 24 and 11:59pm on November 28, SL Time, I am having an extremely rare, storewide, 50% sale. This kind of sale has never happened before and will never happen again. Inworld only (MP NOT INCLUDED)

Back in the day Hunt – Slink & One Bad Pixel

Slink and One Bad Pixel are participating in the “Back in the Day Hunt’ stores were invited that have been around for a very long time, producing content for Second Life, and we are honored to have been invited.

The idea of the hunt is that you find the item in one store and then you are given a landmark to the next one. The hints appear on the website but you can also click the signage in the stores to get the hints directly. Each item is auto set for 2L each item.

Because One Bad Pixel and Slink are both in the same location, you can do both at once and then move on from there.

Slink has our fabulous Margot Slippers up for grabs in Slink versions as well as Cinnamon & Chai. You have a HUD to control the straps on/off in the Slink version or worn separately in the Cinnamon & Chai. All versions will fit all feet types of Slink and Cinnamon & Chai.

One Bad Pixel has the Glomesh halter out in Slink Original & Petite, Slink Hourglass & Petite and Cinnamon & Chai sizes as well as Standard Sizing.

Because both items look so great together, we made sure they matched in a beautiful Rose Gold colour.

We hope you enjoy the HUNT and if you have any questions please contact Slink Resident.



1bpOne Bad Pixel @ Slink – Update & Gift

One Bad Pixel has updated the Skinny Leather pants to now include Cinnamon & Chai. We also added 4 NEW colours to the Multipack (no charge) so if you have the previous Multipack redeliver @ the 1bp redelivery terminals.

You can purchase the new colours individually.

DEMOS available in store and on marketplace

We also made a GIFT colour free in the mainstore near the previous gifts which you can also get on Marketplace FREE.

Packs include:

Slink Physique Original fit
Slink Physique Hourglass fit
Cinnamon & Chai fit
Standard Sizes.

Alphas included for all as needed.


All Colours

New Colours

1bp – Updated Cherry/Blossom Cheong Dresses


The One Bad Pixel Cherry/Blossom Cheong dresses are now updated to include Cinnamon & Chai sizing and Petite sizes for Physique Original and Hourglass. If you have previously purchased these items please use redelivery in the 1bp section of the Slink Mainstore.

Slink Mainstore Teleport

Includes :

Slink Physique Original + Petite Sizing

Slink Physique Hourglass + Petite Sizing

Cinnamon & Chai Sizing

Standard Sizing

Alphas are included for all options.

Demos are available and you can purchase from Marketplace.


Recolour Promo this weekend only and UPDATED sizing options

1bp Sweater Blouse Updates to Include Cinnamon and Chai Slink Physique Original Petite and Slink Physique Hourglass Petite

One Bad Pixel (1bp) has updated their Sweater Blouse set to now include sizing for Cinnamon & Chai, as well as Slink Physique Original Petite and Slink Physique Hourglass Petite. The update is free if you have previously purchased these items. Not only do they come in the colour of the sweater but a HUD controls the shirts and belts for many combinations – 11 shirts, 4 belts, 2 buckle options.

Demos available in store and Marketplace

As a special promotional offer we have done two recolours of these sets in store only. Chenille in Taupe and Cable in Purple. They have been reduced for this weekend only to 75L each. HUD for shirts and options included.

These two colours will not be available after this weekend so grab them now at this great price.

Teleport to 1bp @ Slink


1bp - Recolours Promo - Sweater Blouse sets

Updates for One Bad Pixel (1bp) @ Slink Main-store


We have recently updated some of our One Bad Pixel range to now include Cinnamon & Chai sizing and recently updated the Halter tops in Satin and Glomesh to also include Slink Physique Original Petite and Slink Physique Hourglass Petite sizing. So if you have previously owned these items, you can obtain an update via redelivery in the 1bp section of the Slink Mainstore, or try the Demos. All 1bp items include Slink Physique Original and Slink Physique Hourglass sizes. More updates to come.

We have also added Cinnamon & Chai to the Slink Mainstore in the larger area at the back of the store, so you have the ease of shopping all in the one location.

Demos available free for all items.


Slink, Cinnamon & Chai and One Bad Pixel Teleport


1bp - Halter Tops - Satin and Glomesh - Updates - Slink Physique Original and Hourglass Petites and Cinnamon & Chai

One Bad Pixel - 1bp - BabyTux update Cinnamon & Chai

One Bad Pixel Damask Jeans Glomesh Halter Satin Halter Cinnamon and Chai Updates - sold separately

Slink Update – Sigourney Boots now including Cinnamon & Chai fit

Sigourney Boots - Cinnamon & Chai + Slink Updated


We have updated the Sigourney boots. These come in Slink Physique Original and Slink Physique Hourglass as well as the New Cinnamon & Chai fit. You can purchase individual colours or our very inexpensive packs.


If you previously owned this product you can use Redelivery terminals in either store, or purchase them in the Slink Mainstore. Demos available.

Slink Mainstore TP

Cinnamon & Chai TP

Slink & 1bp Wishes you all a Happy Holidays

1bp and Slink Gift Christmas 2021


Now available in the One Bad Pixel section of the Slink Mainstore. We hope you all have a very Happy Holidays.


Slink Mainstore TP

Slink Thigh High Boots – Leather or Vinyl Packs – Updated to Include Cinnamon & Chai

Slink Thigh Boots now include Cinnamon & Chai sizing


We have updated our Thigh Boots to now include the Cinnamon & Chai size. They come in either Vinyl or Leather textures as packs or single purchases in the Slink Mainstore.


If you previously owned this product you can use Redelivery terminals in either store, or purchase them in the Slink Mainstore. Demos available.

Slink Mainstore TP

Cinnamon & Chai TP