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It’s Poll Time! First up – Demi!

Which colour would you like to see added to the Demi Boot Range?  The chosen colour will be sent out to everyone who bought at least one Demi boot at Shoetopia.  The chosen colour PLUS my personal favourite will be sent to those who bought the Demi Multipack and/or those who bought the Demi Boot in Blush – the Shoetopia 100% donation item.

Polls layers Demi

POLL is closed, thank you for voting – Winner 6 Earth

The 2 new colours will be added to the full price range when they are placed in the Slink Mainstore.

A new poll for Hera will be added on the 24th!

All the additional colours will be sent in the week following Shoetopia.

New @ Slink

Marling Tail

New hair now available in the Slink mainstore. This is Marling Tail, the tied back low pony version of the previously released Marling style. This and the 5 previously released Hair Fair styles are now in the Slink mainstore.

Hairfair Shot6

Hairfair Shot5

Hairfair Shot4

Hairfair Shot3

Hairfair Shot1

Slink Mainstore

Also One Bad Pixel has just released a separates release of mix and match items. So come and visit One Bad Pixel while on the Sanctum sim. Or purchase directly from Marketplace.

One Bad Pixel Release

One Bad Pixel Store

One Bad Pixel Marketplace

Slink @ Love Donna Flora

I am contributing to the Love Donna Flora event, to help raise much needed funds for Donna Flora creator Squinternet Larnia who is very sick. You can read the whys and wheres, as well a some lovely, touching posts from her friends and those who admire her here.



boudoir White


The white are 50% donated to Love Donna Flora



boudoir Red



The red are 100% donated to Love Donna Flora.

boudoir green


The green are 50% donated to Love Donna Flora

There are many other creations available at this event! Please visit, and help contribute to a worthy cause.


SLurl to Love Donna Flora

Slink @ Hair Fair 2013

Hairfair Shot6

Hairfair Shot5

Hairfair Shot4

Hairfair Shot3

Hairfair Shot1

Hairfair Shot2

Slink is proud to be part of this years Hair Fair 2013. We have released 5 NEW mesh styles for the event, Constance, Bianca, Marling, Heather and Tiffany, and one dollarbie item which is the mesh tiara. All items are only available at Hair Fair for two weeks, and then will be put in the store.
We have also updated our packs, also including a passion pack that is a mix of various natural colours.
Slink will be donating 30% of every pack sold to Wigs for Kids, and if your item does not deliver at the event, please just click the vendor again, and it will give you the hair.

Slink @ Hair Fair Brickness Sim

New Tri – Colour Wedges ( add on shoes ) at Slink

Slink - Tri Colour Wedges
Slink - Tri Colour Wedges
Slink - Tri Colour Wedges

The New release from Slink is a Tri-Colour Wedge Add On shoe. These fit over the Medium Height Barefeet rigged only. There are demos available to try on the new stand located on the silver square inside of the store.

Medium height Barefeet Rigged vendors are also available to purchase from separately on the same stand.

These shoes come with 3 strap colours as well as a hud to change wedge colours from light wood, dark wood and black wood. So with a single shoe purchase that is 3 shoes in one.
If you purchase the pack of these shoes you also get a HUD that allows you to change all the strap colours from each and every single option, so that gives you thousands of possibilities in the one shoe.


Slink Mainstore


Coming Soon Tri Colour

Coming Soon to Slink, these are part of the growing range of ‘add on’ footwear. They fit perfectly over the Slink Medium feet using the ‘add’ option from your inventory. You must have the medium feet to be able to wear any of the ‘add on’ range, also now available in other stores as part of the Slink ‘Avatar Enhancement’ System.

To find more information on this system, and how to become an ‘Avatar Enhancement” Developer, visit us HERE.

Slink Mainstore

Slink on Marketplace


A modest sale @ Slink

I’m going to share a little personal information here which is not something I would normally do.  My father-in-law is sick.  It’s terminal and it’s a very difficult time for my family.  I don’t really want to talk about it, but my husband and I do have to go back to the Netherlands, soon.  He is travelling this weekend, I am travelling at the end of May.

So, to help us a little with our plane fares between Australia and the Netherlands, I am having a sale at Slink this week only, 30% off everything (except the hands and feet, which were so recently updated, I feel bad for putting them on sale so soon)

Sale starts 30th April midnight SLT and runs until the 5th of May at 11:59PM SLT.  I will be closing the store briefly before midnight to prepare.

I will post again when the sale actually starts, for now, I am just posting an advance notice!



May Sale

Introducing the Slink Avatar Enhancement System!

The Slink Avatar Enhancement System has just gone live.  This is an update to the Slink mesh hands and feet (and perhaps in the future, other similarly compatible body basics) that allows SL’s amazing skin and clothing makers to provide HUDs to use with their skins and stockings for a perfect match with one single click!

The update is now available at Slink  The update is available through the redelivery terminal for those of you who own the Slink mesh natural and medium womens feet, and the womens mesh hands! :)

There is more information about these hands and feet on the customer support page

The updated hands have 4 different nail length and style options, and anyone can apply for a personal kit to create their own compatible nail textures for the hands and feet!!  More information about the Developers Kits can be found here.

I hope you enjoy this update!  New shoes are coming soon for these feet :D

The mesh hands are finally @ Slink!

I have just put these beautiful mesh hands on the floor at Slink

*click through for a larger view*

This release set comes in 15 poses, sold individually, as sets of 5 or a full fatpack.  They are made to the female standard size specifications.

Please read the instructions carefully, these are not wear-and-go hands.  Some assembly is required for the best results! :)


Lighting issues in SL pertinent to matching your Slink feet

There is an issue in SL at the moment where the difference in lighting with different combinations of basic and atmospheric lighting makes tinting your body attachments difficult if not downright impossible.  I have logged a Jira for this issue here.

Anyway, the problem is thus:

When your Atmospheric shaders are turned off, or your Basic shaders are turned off, the light that falls on your avatar from the sun and local lights is very different to the light that falls on prim objects.  Since weighted (rigged) mesh is just another type of prim object, this means that the feet will never ever match the leg they are attached to, no matter how much you adjust the ankle blender and foot tint.  As soon as you turn around, or stand next to a local light, you will see a very ugly join.

To other people with the shaders enabled, your feet will look just fine as long as your ankle blender and foot tint and texures are the same.

To workaround this issue:

1. go to Me, Preferences, Graphics
2. Check Basic and Atmospheric shaders.

If you experience loss of framerate with these shaders on, ensure your water reflections are turned to minimal, and drop your draw distance down a little.

If either of these options are greyed out/not available, then there is a good chance that your video card doesn’t support these shaders and you may need to look into getting an upgrade, as this is the least of the problems an unsuitable video card can cause.

If you enable these shaders but your feet don’t improve, you may need to look into updating your video card drivers.  The major video card suppliers update their driver sets on a very regular basis to keep up with changes in technology.

To find out about your computer, go to Help, About Second Life.  In here is listed your system spec, and you will find information about your operating system and version, video card vendor and video card type.  You will need this informaton to find an updated driver.

From here, provided you have an ATI/AMD or Nvidia card, you can go to the manufacturers website and search for the most recent driver.



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