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Slink @ 21 Shoe and a new release

I have a new release in Slink today – a version of the Ilse Heels in a gorgeous shiny leather material!

AND on top of that, the 21shoe exclusive this month is the very luscious blue and cream versions of this cute style.  These will only be available for the 21st March SLTime so get over to the Slink Mainstore and check them out!!


Slink Visage is finally here! Plus – new Slink store and the grand opening of Slink West!

I am thrilled to finally officially announce that the first 2 in the range of Slink mesh heads has been released at the Slink Mainstore under the name Visage.


Emma is an older face, beautiful high cheekbones, serious expression,


while Becky could be her younger sister, with a softer heart shaped face, button nose, and the wide eyed innocence of youth about her.

Both faces are packed with goodies from an expressions HUD with 12 emotive facial expressions to 3 skintones and a HUD to control your skin options like brow colour, lipcolour, skintone and more.  Appliers for the Slink Avatar Enhancement hands and feet are included in the skins HUD so if you wear these, it’s one click and all your parts match!

But the best news is still to come:  I have started sending out developer kits to SL’s talented skinmakers so they too can apply their faces to these lovely ladies!  A full (and growing) list of skinmakers who have appliers available can be found here.  Just so many beautiful options and more every day!  If you make skins and would like to have a go at adding yours, you can apply here.

In addition to the release of the Slink Visage range, I have created a new, easier to navigate store build for Slink, and opened the sim next door “Slink West“.  Slink West is a shopping district dedicated exclusively to Slink addon and applier products! There are over 50 wonderful little stores there filled with great stuff for your attachments, and they all have one item on sale this week for 50% off to celebrate the grand opening!  Hop over now to grab the bargains while they are up!  And maybe you will find yourself something new :)

Slink Visage – Coming Soon

This project is very dear to me and I’ve been working on it for a long time now. For a while, due to some serious family reasons, it looked like it might never happen. But it’s so close now!

Soon I’ll have more details and answers to whatever questions you might have but for now, sit back and enjoy this first look at what has been keeping me so busy for months now!


❤ Siddean

Slink @ 21 Shoe!

Great release this month, alongside the regular release of these gorgeous Siren Stilettos, I have created 2 exclusive colours just for the 21 Shoe Event on the 21st of February.  Now available until Midnight on the 22nd of Feb, SL TIME ONLY!   Slink Mainstore 

21shoe Siren stiletto


The rest of the colour range is also now available in the store!  (the exclusive is not included in the fatpack)

Ad Siren White Ad Siren Red Ad Siren Nude-Pink Ad Siren Nude-Gold Ad Siren Fuschia Ad Siren black


Quinn – Sculpt to Mesh conversion for the Slink AvEnhance High

Heya, I’ve just placed these on the display with the Slink AvEnhance High feet at the Slink Mainstore.

Quinn is a mesh conversion of an older sculpty style for the new feet by popular demand!  If you own these in sculpty already, hit the update board behind the display to have the addon delivered to you. If not, they are $350 for the next 7 days until I put them up to their full price!  Enjoy :)


Slink @ 21 shoe – 1 day exclusive!

I have these special Glitter edition of the Priscilla Plateau available today for one day only – 21st January 2014. They will be taken down at 12:01 am on the 22nd SLT, and they won’t be available again!

21shoe Priscilla Glitter


2 gorgeous glitters for the price of one!

Available now at Slink

Click here for the other awesome cobblers participating in todays special event!!



Ilse Heels @ Slink

I have just released these little babies at the Slink Mainstore. The Slink Ilse Heel is a cute suede stiletto for the AvEnhance High Feet with 3 straps buttoned at the side with embossed burnished copper buttons and a sexy red leather sole.

Available in 6 colours, now on the High Feet Display.




Gabrielle – new @ Slink

I have a new pair of shoes at the Slink Mainstore today – Gabrielle – a studded stiletto with a difference.  Check it out!

Gabrielle comes in 6 gorgeous colours and is available on the High Feet display at the Slink Mainstore.

Please note these are an addon product – the High feet are required, and the shoes do not include the feet!

Slink Shoetopia Special Results

During the Shoetopia Event, I ran a promotion “Shoetopia Special“. With three polls run over different days during the two week event. Each poll was to determine which new colours would be created after the event, and added to the new line of high Footwear created for the new high Feet.

As a thank you for visiting the event, and especially for buying the donation item, everyone who bought the Demi, Hera and Priscilla shoes received at least one of the new colours for free.

Here’s how it worked:

  • If you bought one or more colours of a shoe: You receive the winning new colour for that shoe for free!
  • If you bought one or more colours of more than one shoe: You receive the winning new colour for each of the shoes you bought for free!
  • If you bought a fatpack of a shoe: You receive both the winning new colour and my personal pick for that shoe for free!
  • If you bought more than one fatpack: You receive both new colours for each of the shoes you bought a fatpack of for free!
  • If you bought one fatpack and a single colour of another shoe: You receive both new colours for the shoe you got a fatpack of, and the winning new colour for the other shoe, for free!
  • If you bought the donation item (Demi boot in blush): You receive both new colours of the Demi boot for free!

The Winning colours were voted upon, and a second colour selected by myself. I have now sent out the gifts, to all that purchased the new footwear from the Slink Booth at Shoetopia.

If you did not receive your gift items, and you did purchase Priscilla, Hera or Demi between the 15th and 30th of November, please contact Slink Resident in world via IM or Notecard, and your Gift can be resent.

The Winning Colours were based on Poll Winnings and Siddeans Choice.

Priscilla Plateau

Siddeans Choice

Siddeans Choice

Poll Winner

Poll Winner

Hera Wrap Heels

Siddeans Choice

Siddeans Choice

Poll Winner

Poll Winner

Demi Boots

Siddeans Choice

Siddeans Choice

Poll Winner

Poll Winner

All of the new high feet footwear as well as the new colours are now available to purchase in the Slink Mainstore. Demos are available, and they will only work with the new high Feet, also available in the store above the footwear.

Slink Mainstore

Slink on Marketplace

Third and Final Poll – Priscilla!

Vote for your favourite new colour of Priscilla here!

Polls layers Priscilla

Poll has ended – Winner Ivory! Thank you for voting :)


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